Monday, September 5, 2011

Salwa Katrib And the 70s Arabic Gems

Arabic music in the 70s makes me think I am flaying on a magic carpet and looking below at the world in a giddy and optimistic outlook, this trip would also have to happen in at the night. Voices of that era really believed in the power of their lyrics and the sweet music fusion of those of the East and West Helped make the experience.Salwa Katrib-Qatris was the "it" girl of that time, the most gifted of lyrics gave her their A game, and the musicians did not disappoint either. Just now the Arab performers are catching up to her work and doing covers. Thanks to the covers of Star Acedemy songs, I was able to learn more this singer and sure thing it makes me wish I had know about her soon, just cannot have enough. سلوى قطريب حول ياخيال الليل .. روائع السبعينات Salwa Katrib 70s


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