Friday, September 9, 2011

Hassan Al Rassam, New Old School Iraq Music

Hassan Al Rassam is a household name in his country Iraq, the Arab Gulf and in some pockets of Syria. His style of sad songs is practically popular with the young and old who long for a different taste of music. A grown up type that puts emphasis on good song writing as much it puts on good music writing.

The thing about Hassan is his success in incorporating old school methods and bringing them up to speed for the new age of fast paced pop. Keeping it real is hard to accomplish in today's if you want to be trendy. You don't even have to listen to the songs, you only need to read the title and see Hassan says it as it is.

01-7aramat, sad title song, as far as I know this is a dark song with a juicy title.
02-T3al Erja3, that vaguely Gulf music beat with the chorus, this is a fast track
03-Ashtatlak, slow down and touch the blues.
04-Malet, best vocals, mellow and twisted dark theme.
05-Wshbalani, awesome local music dance friendly, but it's about breakup
06-Tab3an Tab3an, dance away to this beat, Hassan tries to sound sweet and tender
07-Ba3d Yumen, very Iraqi song, passion is all over this track
08-Fadwa La Te3azbni, the beat & lyrics will get Iraqis to move their feet cheerfully
09-Ya 7abebi, a sobering song of a man who doesn't want to be alone in this world.
10-Tro7 B3ed, you would think it's still the 70s! I like this one and its accent
11-Ana Boarbak, a love song, one of the few happy songs on the track. A good change
12-Dert Alwajeh, heavy Iraqi style, will not set well with everyone. It's a man world
13-BalBalah (Mawal), mawal come in all styles, this one is toned down. They are about the words, the poetry and the natural music.
Hasan Al-Rassam - 7aramat / حسن الرسام - حرامات


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