Sunday, September 4, 2011

Arwa Takes On Lebanese Revenge Song

Arwa, the pop singer from Yemen is taken on the Lebanese song in her latest album to be released this year. This Yemeni singer, actress and TV host has been quite for some time now on the political landscape of the Arab world--maybe no one has asked her for her opinion. This Lebanese song of her will be played in the airwaves. The beat and the lyrics are one package that But I think her latest song will agree with a lot of people who have been in a relationship or are already in one. Everytime something happens, the other person will try to blame you somehow, so they think they do no wrong and you are the one at fault. You know the feeling? Now Arwa has a new song about it, when you are always treated as the one to have messed up something. So the song suggested that each time something goes wrong, you are the one to blame, this time Arwa is not gonna take it anymore, she wants justice and sweet revenge with passion of course.

Arwa-Ghalatak sah


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