Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Shaza Hassoun Clip Is A Ford Commercial

Iraqi Moroccan hybrid Shaza Hassoun can sing, entertainer and give great TV appearances, but can she sell cars? Shada Hassoun seems to be on her way to becoming one of the most serious singers in the Arab world. She sure has been making all the right choices without alienating anyone.

That's her new job it seems, make the latest lines of Ford cars and technologies sexy. That's why Ford guest stars in the music video. This is not a Shaza thing, it's a business thing. Rotana has asked all singers on their label to find a partner or a sponsor to any of their music videos.

That meant every music video that will come out of Rotana will be a commercial for something. But the music video has an artsy feel to it. It's an Iraqi song that feels like a timeless folklore hit. Again Shada manged to pull it off, choosing another delightful song and filming a music video.

The famous Iraqi director Yasi Al Yasiry directed Shaza in this picture--المخرج العراقي ياسر الياسري
Shaza hassoun Mno Lma ando madi كليب شذي حسون - منو الما عنده ماضي


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