Sunday, January 2, 2011

Confronting Evil One Song at a Time

In the aftermath of the tragic bombing in the Alexandria church in Egypt, scores of Arab artists started working on songs about the bombing, within 12 hours the first song surfaced and every day since the day of the tragic Church bombing there has been a new song calling for calm and unity and how the Christians and Muslims are BFFs. All those song condemned the brutal attacks with the strongest langauge there is. It turn out that we now sing away our problems. Here is the round up

اوبريت مصر مفتاح الحياه

Tamer Hosny Deeny We Dinak 2011 كليب تامر حسني - ديني ودينك

Marwa Nasr Ard Wahda كليب مروة نصر ارض واحدة ديفيدى كواليتى

كليب حكيم كلنا واحد Hakeem Kolena Wa'hid

Amer Moutafa Bishar'e Meen

كليب سامو زين - مسلم ومسيحى كلنا مصريين


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