Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Star Academy Azan Song Controversy

It looks like star academy is the popular reality TV show is in hot water again. Their debut of season 8 has featured a song with the Muslim call to prayer....which is a big no no for many Muslims. I think it's a poor taste on behalf of the producers who are a bunch of liberal empty suits.

I am sure they were well meaning and thought it would be cool to play the call to prayer on a song about unity and religious tolerance. But seriously guys, stop it, no need to mess with sacred things with dancers and conversational ideas on the show. I am sure it would not have been a big deal had some other show did.

But Star Academy had a history of un-proud moments, nudity and some controversial moments. People have the right to get offended, you do not insult your fans, you do not insult the audience, it's not a good business. Plus most of the people on your show are Muslims, you could have asked them how they feel about it.

أغنية الأذان بالموسيقى في ستار أكاديمي


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