Sunday, August 7, 2011

Actress Ghada Adel Wants To Do Your Laundry

Ghada Adel's career seems not to slow down after being in the business for about 15 years of acting in big box office hits comedies, action and dramas, she has done all that. She is the girl the leading dude often romances. While she mostly played the same character over and over again, I am seeing that she is taking on more challenging roles recently. like her role in Al Qonsol alongside Ahmad Al Sakka.

Those challenging roles also include doing commercial for Egypt's leading laundry detergent "Persil". Ghada Adel plays a talk show host who knows it all. A lady complain of trouble with her husband eating and ruining his shirts. The solution comes from Ghada that people should use Persil because it cures all ills.

While Ghada Adel does not do TV soap operas, this Ramadan is is making money from this commercial while keeping herself on TV.

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