Friday, November 4, 2011

Bilal Massalkhi Ready For Prime Time

there are those A list names in Lebanon singers, and there is everyone else. Bilal Massalkhi belongs to the everyone else group. But he is doing something about it. Headlining more concerts, clubs and doing charity concerts too. And now word on the street he has just wrapped up his latest music video.

In short, Bilal belongs to the Tarab school of singing. Slow music and nostalgic lyrics better enjoyed with a drink or two. thus his style works well in Lebanon and Syria best. Not sure why Bilal Massalkhi is not just jumping in the mainstream music business. But I bet he was encouraged by Mohamed Iskander, whose in his mid life of age, but makes stunning Lebanese songs.

Bilal Massalkhi is different, I think he belongs more to the Syrian school of music in the fashion of Sabah Fakhry and Shady Gameel.

بلال مسالخي bilal massalkhi


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