Monday, November 7, 2011

Watch Tomorrow / Bokra Official Video - أغنية بكرا

Tomorrow / Bokra Official Video - أغنية بكرا
Malek Al Akkad aided with the Qatar foundation and the vision of iconic musician Quincy Jones is working on a music project for Tomorrow. A better one they hope. The idea is to bring the A list Arab singers together in this group song about a better tomorrow.

The proceeds will go to benefit children projects. Malek gave an interview to Elaph and spoke that he had no trouble with Lebanese singer/songwriter Majda El Roumi who has quit the project due to some difference on production.

Just like any big project,ed there are issues of fame, money and egos that collide, so Malek gives more details about this project that has started in Morocco where the bulk of the song was filmed, now they rest is coming together and the goal is becoming clearer, make lives better.

مالك العقاد: ماجدة الرومي ملاك ومشكلتها ليست معي


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