Friday, March 11, 2011

The Essential Elissa Remix

There is one Lebanese star that has an appeal that goes beyond gender. A lot of guys love Elissa for her voice, warmth, romantic songs, and her good looks. but there are also a lot of women love this smart singer. Those women love her emotions, believable love tales, and style.

so you know that Elissa is not a singer for boys, she is a singer for anyone young of age or young at heart. I am an early convert of Elissa's, ever since Bedy Dooub and we are all about her. But it wasn't until Aychalak that we knew we have a star in the making, a star that will be around for a while.

Now here is a very fine upbeat remix for one of her latest songs Ma Aash Wala Kan, "No one before you or after you", a very touching song about devotion and commitment. When you remix if you get a great party song with that voice that captivate you and speaks to you.

Elissa Ma Aash Wala Kan NEW Remix 2011 أليسا


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