Sunday, September 4, 2011


This is the best of post Mubarak Egypt, the youth are not selfish as the regime have taught them to be. Indie musicians as well as rappers join forces to sing for Somalia. They both have sang for Egypt and Palestine, now they come to bring attention to Somalia, asking people to give.

The children of Somalia are starving and that's the spiel of Zap Tharwat, the poet rapper with a voice and a heart of gold. The music and the vocals of Cairokee brings the best of Egypt and highlight the plight of the famine in Somalia. The song is titled "Dream of My Own"

The slideshow in the background is very touching indeed. Keep in mind Somalia doesn't need only our sympathy, but also our help and dollars. That's why along with the video there are numbers you can call to make a donation. Look at the picture and ask yourself, Will I fill their plates?

CAIROKEE and ZAP THARWAT -- (حلمي أنا (الصومال -- Directed by: AMR SALAMA


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