Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Lebanses Elissar Sells Makeup Now

Elissar is a do it all singer, she sings, she dances, she looks good and now she is getting into product endorsement. Her choice is a natural one, she settles for L'Oreal, women makeup. Elaph caught up with Elissar as she was getting her makeup done on the green screen.

The scary part, Lebanese entertainers are all looking like each other and sounding a lot like one another. It might be that they only have one celebrity plastic surgeon in that little country (but full of surprises) She looks like Dina Hayk and Najwa Karam as well as Bassima, they are all from the same place.

Elissar's next music video has been filmed in Turkey and due to be released soon. If we are talking about money, then it makes sense the song is in Gulf dialect. Jury is out on Elissar, I know I really do like her strong voice, but I am not a fan of naked dancing.

أليسار: ذكر إسمي مع جوليا يشرِّفني


  1. the elissar you are talking about who sings is a different one then dances btw there are two

  2. thanks for the tip, I did not notice.