Sunday, March 13, 2011

Amira Fathy Has The Cutest Arabic Song

I love to enjoy new songs, and what I love more is to stumble upon a new song by a voice I have never heard of before. This time I came a cross a cute song Ou'bal Kol El Banat by Amira Fathy.

Amira Fathy, also written Amira Fathi, originally student of Tourism & Hotel Management. But that was years ago, she began her career as a model, and starred next to Arab singers in their music video clips, such as next to sha''by Egyptian folk singer Hakim in Afrod.

The Egyptian starlet got her big break when popular comedian Samir Ghanem and picked her her for the cast of his comedic theatrical play "Bahloul in Istanbul". Few TV shows later and random gig here and there, 2011 is the year for change. This year, Amira Fathy took on singing and made her debut with this song, a single Oubal Kol elBanat on Melody Hits TV.

This is a party song by all accounts, the beat is fierce awesome. The singers voice is cuddly and a bit funky. The lyrics are also happy and party filled. While all girls will play this song over and over, the dudes will also enjoy the spunky energy Amira has shown in this track.

Amira Fathy - Ou'bal Kol El Banat / أميرة فتحي - عقبال كل البنات


  1. I really love this song! Thank you so much

  2. awesome song ,make all the prides happy.