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Rola Saad Talks Pregnancy

When you are a pop princess, there are few routes you can take. People love your light character and it has done you well. Trouble when you want to be taking seriously. Lebanese singer Rola Saad wants to spice things up, she is done dozens of pop songs that had met some success. But For years there has been talks about her doing a serious song.

A poem titled 7oblah "Pregnant" for the mighty late Syrian poet Nizar Qabbany who made the career of few Arab musicians like Kazim Al Saher. The poem is controversial talking about unwanted pregnancies and abortion. I love the storyline and how the song progress when the man wants to pay the lady for an abortion. She refuses, turns his money away and says, I want to abort this child because I do not want it to have an asshole for a father. Wow some fighting words.

The poem has been covered by a number of female singers and every time it feels like the first time you hear this song. I just cannot believe an Arab wrote such a real song about real lie scenarios that few dare to treat in public. This is the voice of an Arab woman who has been mistreated by her partner who. The man tries to abort this baby by all means and sends his servant to push this lady to the point where she can terminate the pregnancy. It's a very touching journey.

I like the poem, and I like the story, I think I am impressed by the performance of the Algerian singer Fulla, Rola's treatment is fine, but I think it's not a great performance. For Rola this is a good performance, but I think the song needs a stronger voice who has better pronunciation. But to her credit, Rola makes the poem more mainstream than anyone else can. Enjoy some real Arabic poetry that will rock your world.

فله الجزائرية - حبلى من كلمات نزارقباني

الأغنية المثيرة للجدل حبلى بصوت ميريام عطالل

لا تَمْتَقِعْ !
هي كلْمَةٌ عَجْلى
إنّي لأَشعُرُ أنّني حُبلى ..
وصرختَ كالمسلوعِ بي .. " كلاّ " ..
سنُمَزِّقُ الطفلا ..
وأخذْتَ تشتمُني ..
وأردْتَ تطردُني ..
لا شيءَ يُدهِشُني ..
فلقد عرفتُكَ دائماً نَذْلا ..
وبعثتَ بالخَدَّامِ يدفعُني ..
في وحشةِ الدربِ
يا مَنْ زَرَعتَ العارَ في صُلبي
وآسرتَ لي قلبي ..
ليقولَ لي :
" مولايَ ليسَ هُنا .. "
مولاهُ ألفُ هُنا ..
لكنَّهُ جَبُنا ..
لمّا تأكدَ أنّني حُبلى ..
ماذا .. أتبصِقُني ؟
والقيءُ في حَلقي يدمِّرُني
وأصابعُ الغَثَيانِ تخنقُني ..
ووريثُكَ المشؤومُ في بَدَني
والعارُ يسحقُني ..
وحقيقةٌ سوداءُ .. تملؤني
هي أنّني حُبلى ..
ليراتُكَ الخمسون ..
تُضحكُني ..
لمَن النقودُ .. لِمَنْ ؟
لتُجهِضَني ؟
لتخيطَ لي كفَني ؟
هذا إذَنْ ثَمَني ؟
ثمنُ الوَفا يا بُؤرَةَ العَفَنِ ..
أنا لم أجِئكَ لِمالِكَ النتِنِ ..
" شكراً .. "
سأُسقِطُ ذلكَ الحَمْلا
أنا لا أريدُ لهُ أباً نَذْلا ..

نزار قباني


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