Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Syrain Actor Bails Out On Adel Imam

By now I am sure you have heard that Egyptian actor Adel Imam is working on a TV drama "فرقة ناجي عطالله""Firqat Naji Attallah", "Naji Attallah Squad", about a retired Egyptian General who plans to rob an Israeli bank. It's promised to be the most expensive TV drama in history of Arab TV. A problem is the decreased popularity of the Egyptian actor due to his attacks and lack of support for the protesters. He had unkind words about the protesters in Egypt and has always maintained a close proximity with the Mubarak regime.

Now Syrian actor Jihad Al Zoghby is turning down the role and refusing to work with the Egyptian actor on this TV drama. The Syrian actor stated he came to his decision for three main reasons:

  1. Adel Imam horrible stand on the Egyptian revolution and his attacks on it.
  2. The script has criticism for Hezbollah, the Lebanese armed militia whom Jihad supports.
  3. The script belittle Arabs and fiddles with crucial Arab issues.
It's unlikely that this will derail the show, but I am sure it will hurt the show credibility and its marketing efforts. Adel Imam is getting what was coming for him.

عادل إمام يهاجم الثورة المصرية


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