Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Album Mostafa Kamel البوم مصطفي كامل - اتحملت 2012

The Egyptian prince of darkness has one name and one face, Mostafa Kamel. The man of the blues, the kind that lifts you up when all you feel like doing is pull the trigger. Mostafa is making a comeback this year, something that will make the fans happy.

To me Mostafa is a B list singer who is an A list material, but his looks, his style something does not click. That's why his early days were all about making other people into celebrities with his musical compositions. Mostafa has not been big on concerts due to his dramatic songs, but once every two years, he would release a happy joyful song with a music video that electrifies.

We have a single out A winter night, those are the toughest nights, I imagine.

سيمبلات البوم مصطفي كامل - اتحملت 2012 Cd Q 128Kpbs
اغنيه ليله شتا مصطفى كامل 2012


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