Monday, July 11, 2011

All Things Nesma From Star Academy 8 Winner

Nesma Mahgoub, the title winner of Star Academy Season 8 arrived home for quite the great homecoming at the Cairo Airport. There were droves of fans, journalists and onlookers waiting for her at the airport.

Nesma arrived Egypt at 6 PM and there was a bash for this lady with the most amazing voice, a young women can wish for. For the nexty feww weeks you will sure find a lot of interviews and media appearances with Nesma.

And once all this is over with, she will find a talent manger and a production company who would be willing to sponsor her and turn her fame into a commercial success. We know that she has the voice for it, so will all that register with the listeners and those who actually buy CDs?

Nesma Mahgoub At Cairo Airport

ستار اكاديمي 8 تابلوه نسمة في اغنية غربية تحفة البرايم الاخير

Nesma Mahgoub's Mother And Fiancee


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