Sunday, July 10, 2011

Grace Deeb, The Real Shakira of Arabia

There''s not other Arab singer that reminds of Shakira as much as Grace Deeb does, the Lebanses singer with a great singing voice, so powerful in English, Arabic and French, she can entertain with high quality.

As more time passes, we are learning about the Zionist in Shakira who seems to be kissing up to the politicians in Israel in the hopes of achieving her own agenda. In the process the Colombian singer is stepping over all rights of Arabs and even the rights of people like her father who's originally from Lebanon.

Politics aside, if you like the kind of voice Shakira has and the kind of energy and excitement her songs have, then tune in to Grace Deeb, this Lebanese starlet knows how to sing and you can see right thought her words, this girl as as much attitude and chamr as any of those world class pop singers.

Grace whose foreign first name and Arabic surname is a wonder woman, she does not make songs just to be out there, she sings few songs that last and stick with people. Grace got her English credo form being in a school band that was named "Strangers"

According to Wikipedia, Grace sings in 8 languages mentioning them; (Arabic, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish and Greek. Try to get another artist who can sing in half of those languages as well as Ms. Deeb. Check out her other songs, she has released few CDs that generated some buzz.

But now we have a new single where she sings in three language and captured the essence and the emotions of each word she uttered.

Grace Deeb-El ward gameel 2011 (Radio Edit).wmv


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