Monday, July 11, 2011

Richard El Haj, The Savvy Egyptian Producer

One Australian, Egyptian Lebanese music producer is Richard El Hag "Hajj" is busy promoting new voices in the Egyptian market and doing so with his company Pyramedia production. His track record included introducing Loai and composer singer Mohammad Rahim to the business.

Richard seems like a nice guy, but he is one savvy business man too, who knows a money making talent when he sees it. So he sat down for interview to talk about how much he loves Egyptian pop. His father is sort of Lebanese, his mother is Egyptian and works in Australia to promote Egyptian tourism.

Asidie from that, he is now focused on making Egypt the go to place for production of Arab entertainment. Egypt has been losing ground to other Arab capitals ever since the year 2000 hit us. Richard took the time to introduce three new talents from Egypt one from the city of Alexandria who also sings in the opera.

This is a cool way to introduce new talents and try to give them promotion during those tough times. A tip next time, maybe he should get interviewers who actually speak the Arabic language.

المنتج ريتشارد الحاج فى برنامج اه ياليل الجزء الاول


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