Sunday, December 4, 2011

Hala Turk And Mashael بنيتي الحبوبة

The most popular girl in Arabia is a little girl from Bahrain with the name Hala Turk, she is now busy making kids songs and performing along other household names. Hala is a popular girl, and she seems to be on fire. Her management team is capitalizing in just about everything.

Her latest music video is for duet with Mashael, the Lebanese singer who lives in Saudi Arabia. They are just girls want to have fun. The stories mothers would tell to their little ones to get them to fall asleep.

I do not like the English in this song, it's needless and dated. There's a great deal of chemistry between those two talents. The music video is appealing to children with its bright colors, but the biggest draw is Hala who bring a great deal of energy and spunk.

Platinum Records - بنيتي الحبوبة


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