Saturday, July 17, 2010

شذى حسون - شو فيه بينك و بينها Shada Hassoun 2010

Shada Hasoun
, Iraqi Moroccan singer is out with a new video to remind you that even Arab girls can be paranoid and obsessed with their loved ones. There are guys who like to stalk girls, and there are insane women who get jealous.

Shada is unique among all the almuns of American idol spin offs, she has been the most successful one. She makes good music, collaborates with big names and the people love her--from Morocco to the Gulf, everyone claims her and she does not disappoint. She had a number of songs in Gulf, Shami, Egyptian dialects and every one of those songs was a hit.

Arab Gulf musicians and lyricists are chasing her to collaborate with her, best Lebanese talent in music production reach out to her...I do not know, but I like this music video, I like the new style and the concept, she even has a new look....I am not too shy to say the only way Shada is going is up.....she just had a concert in Morocco and they wrapped in her Morocco's flag. Of course she has previously been wrapped in Iraqi flag....this is something Arab politicians can only dream of.