Friday, July 23, 2010

Arabic Music Videos I am Not Thankful for

It’s amazing how progressive Arab Music videos have gotten. I am impressed whenever a Westerner sees those music videos, they are shocking by how scandalous they are. Look, I am not complaining, these ladies are good looking and know how to “work” their fans by working what they’ve got it. For this stuff to be shown on public TV during peak time, is a problem. So I guess I wasn’t surprised to see during my my trip to Egypt and Gaza that no one watches music videos anymore. When I asked few people about their choice of boycotting music videos, the answer was similar, “they have gotten trashy”

I do not think these videos leave anything for MTV and other western entertainment outlets, in a way by replicating European music and American styles, Arabic music is in danger of losing its voice. Just in time for Thanksgiving to remind us of things we are Not Thankful for. I will let you be the judge of that by watching those steamy Arabic music videos so enough is said, let the Khazwa begi.

Granted, those are all good looking Arab females.....but the level of their art and music is the one I am questioning.

Sandy the Playgirl

Myriam on a Bike

Elissar wants More? I say I want Less

Picture is taken from Yallatune


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