Friday, July 9, 2010

Latifa, is Nice in Arabic

For those who still think that Latifa, the best Tunisian import have gone to the dark side with her latest all Gulf dialect album; do not worry she will be back. Until she come back with a new album that preserves her legacy with her hard core fans....I have reached back in time to bring us all a little reminder of why she is an important voice and has been so for twenty years.

Maybe the way she pronounces words, the way she takes her songs seriously, or the way she stays in touch with her fans....yes, she is the one Arab singer that can make you sob in an instant, dance the next instant without remembering why you are doing it.

I admit that sometimes I wonder how she keep her youth, her look, and her energy. I know a lot of younger female listeners always point that out about her, but they are young, they do not know why she is relevant and why she has always been closer to the pulse of the Arab street. Yes, Palestine and Iraq have always been in her heart and she let is be known.

Latifa - Rehlet Ezzaman / لطيفة - رحلة الزمان


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