Friday, July 23, 2010

Hamaki Throws a Concert of a Lifetime

Hamaki, the true hair to the legacy of Amr diab, and the hip voice for this generation is promising a concert like no other....tonight. On Friday July 23, 2010 Hamaki will be the star in his own show where he will be releasing his new album....his first in 2 years.

The Hamaki team is promising a concert like no other...a concert worthy of this big star that respect his fans and does everything he can be making them happy through his music choices appearances.

They have hired special affects crew from Spain, the same crew that worked with the world's largest pop stars (Madonna, Britteny Spears,Mariah Carey) The concert manager is promising attention to details and giving Hamaki and his fans, the concert that they deserve.....just on the Northern coast of Egypt in popular sea resort Porto Marina.

I am sure this would be a concert not to be missed, and this cool Arab singer will deliver a great perfromance. What makes Hamaki a star in addition to his music, his charisma, his choices and unlike other Arab stars, rarely do you hear he got in a fight with other stars or criticize them. He simply does his own thing and let his fan enjoy it. Props to Hamaki for collaborating with his buddy Toma (Egypt's' greatest young music magician)

Waleed Mansour talks about Hamaki's summer 2010 concert


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