Friday, July 16, 2010

Eslam: Yet Another Young Egyptian Singer

If your name is Eslam (close enough to Islam) you should not show violence, it's a lose lose case.

Egyptian new singer, one of many if I may out with a new album "I dream with you", Bahlam Ma'ak is promoting his album with a a new music video....I might not think the song is special, but I do know that the music video is cute. The scenes and the acting are both good, you can tell our singer is really good at what he does...he might be a better actor than a singer. But let's see if he will be able to build a broad fan base, you know the kind of fans that go to concerts.

The thing is, there are plenty of young Egyptian singers that have almost identical voices and characters, to name few, Essaf, Haitham Shaker, Haitham Nabil...etc. They are all good looking, but when it comes to their talent I am not sure if it's exceptional.

I give credit to the director for choosing such a beautiful place to film in, I thought Arab singers have filmed pretty much everywhere, but I was wrong.

Good luck Eslam and hope you will be around, I do hope so. At least I think we will see you in an Egyptian movie that tackles issues of concerns to young.

Embrace the sunset shot toward the end of the music video.

Eslam - Bahlam Ma'ak / إسلام - بحلم معاك


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