Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Abdallah Rouished, About Darn Time

Abdallah Rouished, Kuwait number one star has been missing in action for half a decade, something happened and now you can see more of him as his recent album was releases 2 months ago. Mr. Rouished continuted to make take part of concerts in the Gulf, make TV appearances and pick on his rivals like Iraqi singer Kathim Al Sahir. Abdallah Rouished never seemed to have lost his style or his voice, he has always stuck to the Gulf dialect and the same style that has not seen a change in more than 4 decades, keeping its success confined to the boundaries of the Arab Gulf region. Some critics do not like the fact Abdallah Rouished has not tried to reach out to his fans by embracing new styles or going for a makeover as his mustache has always been right there. But why would he? He is wealthy and is widely celebrated in the Arab Gulf, many young stars also respect him, and he does not see the risk to making new music.

His latest music video might as well have been made 50 years ago as there is no shame in watching it at home with the kids. No more can we have those pure love stories without having to watch naked people and dancers all over the music video. To have the gut to make such simple and honest music video is rare to find.

Abdallah Rouished - Hala / عبد الله الرويشد - هلا


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