Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mohamad Mounier, Larger Than Life Arab Rock Star

Egyptian legendary singer and musician had a sold out concert this weekend in Cairo, of the North Shore, this is one Egyptian singer that cares about his fans. He has been titled the Voice of Egypt, the King...and all those titles do not really do him justice. Born in the heart of Egypt, Aswan, the town that gets little attention from the central government, and its people find themselves often neglected.

He insisted his fans only pay 40 Egyptian pounds per ticket (about 7-8 bucks), there is not surprise that more than 60 thousand screaming fan waited till 12:30 Am to see the star.

To keep up with his political activism, he told the fans about how changed from the inside is more important than the outside, and encourage them to play a positive role in changing the Egyptian political landscape. Mounier has also declared donating a large sum of money he's received from one the concert sponsors to benefit a medical relief group. If this guy not a rock star I do not know who else it.

Keep on mind, Mounier's concert was taking place during another popular concert in the same town for the popular Egyptian singer Hamaki. To get 60 thousand fans speaks volume of this star power Mounier enjoys.

Another video of the concert


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