Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Melhem Zein Does TV Show Theme Song

Ramadan is few weeks away and with that TV networks gear up for the TV season where people kick back and catch up with their favorite show.....In order to get more publicity for their TV shows, directors often reach out to popular singers to do a theme song for the show....Melhem Zein, the singer that men cannot resist his voice, the one women love his looks and his style, the Super Star runner up and hit maker is doing the theme song for Ahel Al Rayah--the Flag Bearer. The song talks about resilience and greater Syria. Good song, but I could not tell you what the show is about. From the look of it, it seems like a knock off all time popular Syrian TV show Bab Alhara.

You will see more of those theme songs starting to trickle their way into your life. Try to enjoy them as the holy month comes and goes.

Melhem Zein - Ahl El Raye / ملحم زين - اهل الراية


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