Monday, July 12, 2010

She is Haifa and You are Not

Hiafa, the Arab man's hottest star that stops at nothing to be number 1 made an appearance at the Miss Lebanon contest and performed her song Ayami for the show.

Hiafa, has many copy cats singers that have done little to steal the show form her as she is still dominating the charts, the headlines and actually selling albums. not to forget the products she endorses that make her loads of money. She married an Egyptian business man so she got at least 80 million fans in that country plus her native country Lebanon.

Here is her song for your enjoyment and see how Haifa can still dance and get men to do what she wants by a look from her eyes...

Haifa Wehbe "Ayami" Miss Lebanon 2010, English subtitles هيفاء وهبي ايامي


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