Sunday, July 4, 2010

Cheb Jilani: Good Mawal But Is Anyone Listening?

The Libyan (Yes, Libyan) singer Cheb Jilani misses the good old days when he had a number of hit songs and he had the media chasing him. But it's not 2004 anymore and our good singer is hoping for a comeback (who wouldn't?)

Do you want to know why this guy matters? Watch this song and if it does not move you and if Cheb Jilani does not stand out, you might need to change your coffee, it is too weak. Here

In this music video you can see something you have seen before a hundred time at least, a lover that ignores his lover's phone calls, you also see cool new phones and people talking on the anyone that is new to you then you must be in high school.

Cheb Jilani has the voice that can make you think of your emotions and loved ones, but I think he lacks the stage presence and the charisma to be a super star. He does have a good taste of music, he makes good choices and he has a good team, but I think they are already too many Arab stars who also have these things but cannot quite make it. I hope you enjoy this song, I know I do. Not sure if I will be racing to buy a new album by this Libyan and Arab singer.

Cheb Jilani - 3ameen / الشاب جيلاني - عامين


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