Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Aly Hussain Serves Us Warm Egyptian Tea

Singers in Egypt are a dime a dozen, many of those singers are little known outside of Egypt; others are legends in the Arab World. Every now and then a new Egyptian singer comes out and you love his/her voice too much to let them go under the radar.

Meet Aly Hussain, the man not from Cairo, Egypt, but from one of its small villages. I learned about him five months ago and I am happy I did. Here is his latest music video for his first song that made him popular in Egypt. Aly is being celebrated in Egypt as the new star of the South....as very few singers come form southern Egypt where he is being compared to Mohammad Mounir, the delightful Egyptian rock star who has been entertaining all for years... the man who has been hailed the voice of Egypt has nothing to worry as he should cheer up for this new voice that both respect him and his art. But Ali Hussain will surely add to the Egyptian and Arab music scene.

Aly Hussain wahed shai على حسين واحد شاى


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