Sunday, July 4, 2010

Samira Said, The Arab Madona

Samira Said, the ever popular Arab singer that enjoys a large fan base that truly likes her music and respect her style. Samira Said knows things are now different, it's not the 80s anymore and she needs a makeover in order to appeal the young people on social media. That's why You are the winner music video comes now. Samira Said gets help from a popular rap band, fnaire who has a large following with young people. The band knows Samiras can help them go mainstream as she has been in the business for three decades. They both benefit and their fans appreciate this song. I know I do, it makes me want to see her new stuff now as I love an upbeat song that gets you going and You Are a Winner does that. From the look of it, Fnaire seems to have the hip factor, they also got the style factor down and their stage performance tells me you will be hearing from them soon.

سميرة سعيد & الفناير - الرابح انت


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