Friday, July 2, 2010

The Lebanese Army Dances to the Tunes of Najwa Karam

By Hanitizer

Najwa Karam, popular Lebanese singer and hit maker just finished filming her latest music video. Najwa known for her strong voice and her passion when she singes fro her loved one released a single a month ago بالروح بالدم “Bel Roo’H, Bildam”, you know the chant we Arabs live to use when we protest something political. Since the title of song reminds people of politics and demonstrations, Najwa and her production team has received a lot of help from the Lebanese army in making this music video. The music video took three days to produce in Lebanon where is was also filmed with the help of the second toughest guys in Lebanon, the Army! Here are some pictures and if you do not believe me, read the story here Also part of the video they made another large Tabooli dish hoping to record another Guinness record (yes, Arabs are obsessed with this record). Whatever you think, this song will be the song of the summer in Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan, and Syria.

So if you are planning a trip there, make sure you practice your debka moves to the beat of this lovely song. and if you are getting married, you better get used to this song playing over and over because it’s a Najwa son. OK, I am a fan of Najwa and here is the link for her song, music video has not been released yet. One thing for sure Najwa is a very proude Lebanese who remains just about the only current Lebanese signer only to sing in the Lebanese dialect.

I guess the Lebanese army got a lot of time on their hand, but again this might be a good publicity and recruitment attempt so eat your hear American troops singing Lady Gaga, our troops are singing Najwa.


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