Monday, July 19, 2010

Hamaki, One Arab Pop Star For All Seasons

Hamaki, the larger than life pop star just rel;eased his latest album, his first in two years, I was one of those people who could not wait for this album as Hamaki is one star that has the appeal of Amr Diab, the energy of Tamer Hosny and the creative team of those two combined. He is the guy who respects his fans, the guy who defines cool, who defines hot.....When I first heard his first song Mot3aqid, I was impressed and I knew the album will be a treat for all of his fans and his new converts.

I was able to review the album this morning on my run and I wasn't disappointed in this artist who continue to give us songs with new lyrics, new meanings and mostly new music, the kind that gets you moving....I am sure he will be blazing the rest of the summer with his concerts as we all know he is a best selling artist that packs stadiums of fans who truly care for his music and his style.

I couldn't help but see the cover where Hamaki dedicates this album to his parents....other than mother days, very few Arab singers credit their parents (9 years ago Kathim AlSaher had a wonderful song for his dad) Good move Hamaki! Your album will be around for a while. Unlike other Arab stars Hamaki does not rush to make an album a year...he waits till his songs are listens to, enjoyed....then he shops around for a new album.

Hamaki 2010 Met3a2ad HQ - حماقى 2010 متعقد

If you want to hear more of the album hit this button here

Hamaki 2010 Lessa Betkhaf - حماقى 2010 لسة بتخاف a really touching song from Hamaki's new album, very few young stars can convince you they are really singing from the heart and not becasue their managers tell them to do so. Singing for the one that got away is almost universals, but it seems that Arabs have a harder time moving on...this songs goes to all those


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