Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Salwa Qatrib The Queen of Lebanese Theater

Salwa Qatrib سلوى القطريب رائعة خدني معكSalwa passed away last year after struggling with her health, but her chops in theater on the Lebanese and Arab stage is still legendary. Born in 1950 in coming to stage by performing in 1974.

While he has kept away from performing and theater, her songs continue to me remade and celebrated throughout the Arab World. I cannot belive I have not known about her earlier, but I am glad to have re-discovered this warm voice. Salwa's voice takes you in a journey down memory lane. Here is a list of her gems.

"خذني معك ع درب بعيدة"، و"قالوا لي العيد بعيوني"، و"حول يا خيال الليل"، و"أستاذ الابجدية"، و"على نبع المي"، و"شو في خلف البحر".

Lebanon is not short on stars of the Fairouz caliber. I have to admit that the reason I know of Salwa is not becasue I have heard a song of hers by her instead, I learned about her when I heard a song performed on Star Academy 7 and then I went in a quest to learn about this woman, her history and her dazzling voice. Salawa Qatrib enjoyes such a magnification voice and rich history that prompts Lebanese starlett Elissa to cover Salwa's songs. Truly Salwa Qatrib, a voice worthy of that magical country Lebanon.

Star Academy 6 - تحية إلى سلوى القطريب A Tribute to Salwa lqatreeb


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