Friday, July 23, 2010

Tamer Hosny Woke Up to Put us to Sleep

You know him, Tamer Hosny, the young star who thinks he is larger than life talent....he can release a song a day, a movie a week, and put a concert in the a giant marketing machine. Tamer is an empire where hundreds of talented young people manage his image and his brand. Too bad he can be often found taking credit for others work....but that's just gossips....

His latest music video where he is hanging out with his homeboys, driving around in a cool convertible car, coming out from what looks like a mansion...his song is titled "I woke up to her voice", make sure you grab some cheese with that....

we really just like to make fun of Tamer, but he is truly a hard working talented singer that delivers doses of romance to the army of teenagers who make his fan base.


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