Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Black Theema Provokes Sweet Memories

Black Theama, the Egyptian all boy band comes to use from what is know is upper Egypt (the south side) are due to release new album to mark their unique style of singing that is somehow has been foreign to the Arab World where very few bands thrive. Not only does Black Theema have a great band that makes great music to make you fall in love with the places and the people, and bring you some old world warmth.

No, they have not forgotten their roots, see the places where they filmed, see the faces they filmed and you know these guys are proud to be making great music. i only hope that they get more venues and larger audience to deliver their messages about love and people in places that matter the most. And Yes they make you home sick, even thought your country is at war...their music is dangerous in that sense. Here is Bahar (Sailor), their new title song

Black Theama - Bahhar / بلاك تيما - بحار


  1. Thanks for sharing this real independent Egyptian music.