Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Egyptian Expatriates Should Visit Egypt

See some images and helicopter shots of Egypt you've never seen before from the streets of Cairo. Those images show the beautiful side of that magical urban center. It's like an awesome virtual tour of all those world class Egypt attractions the world if fond of.

And to add a voice to this gorgeous landscape, you get a song that I know will most anyone who has seen those places yet alone has grew up in those part of the world. While I only visited Egypt twice, those places register with me. Quite the trip here.

I think there is a lot we Arabs and Egyptians can do to help lift Egypt of its transitional period, go visit the place and capture the moments, see history being made.

تحذير لكل مصري خارج مصر - لا تسمع و لا تشاهد هذه الأغنية


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