Sunday, February 9, 2014

Download: Cairokee 2014 Album تحميل البوم كايروكي - السكة شمال #Indie

Indie music fans have hit euphoria upon the release of Cairokee's third album. It's the junior album, now they have to make better music, no more experiments...They insist this time, they want to make personal music about their reality. However, their previous album was searching for a leader to Egypt. As they titled it,,,leaders wanted.....This time, they stepped back, and let their music do the work--they remain as creative as hell, but they continue to grow and explore the realm.

I do not think they have the guts to state any political material, but they still can make broad music about general concepts....Their fans remain hungry for bold music, they remain frustrated....and disfranchised with the daily reality....Cairokee wants to thrive under any regime, otherwise they may find themselves in jail cell accused of some obscure crime. They made a good rock album, taking Egypt alternative music into a new territory and bringing a lot of young people to the fold. In the past, many young people were only listening to western music because it offered something different. Now Cairokee is making Arabic music in the Western style and things have been rewarding for them.

Here are the 13 tracks, you will find versatile styles, pace, ranges, genres, and music guests. Link to listen to this music.

01 - E3adet Nazar
02 - El Khat Da Khaty
03 - Agmal Ma 3andy
04 - El Seka Shemal
05 - Ghareeb Fe Belad Ghareeba
06 - Yama Fel 7abs Mazalem
07 - Nefsy Afagar
08 - Ana Mesh 2ader
09 - Lama Et2abelna
10 - Tele3 El Saba7
11 - Masara7ia
12 - Ya Tara Faker
13 - Fel Nahaia

كايروكي - ناس بترقص و ناس بتموت Cairokee