Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sizzling Music Video! Hamaki - Nefsi Aba'a Ganbo / حماقي - نفسي أبقى جنبه @Hamaki

Beach in the chilling winter is what Egyptian pop star Mohamed Hamaki is all about. To celebrate his 10th year in the music biz, he brought dozens of models and a new look. He really turned up the heat for this anniversary....and he is looking rather fresh and clean.

This is a really well-made music video, and it feels exciting, the song was pretty good, but thanks to the music video it now feels animated--thanks to that expensive haircut and the wayfarer shades. As for the music it's appealing to even those who can care less for Arabic music. Filmed in the UAE allowed more creativity and the supply of limitless ladies that are willing to star in music video is never-ending.

With this music video Hamaki--now a married man cements his status as a leading pop star in Arabic pop. In Egypt there's number one Amr Diab, and everyone seems to be number two. Hamaki is giving the king of pop a good run for his money. In fairness, Hamaki has always been good, this time he is willing to go the extra mile and take his career into a new territory.

Hamaki - Nefsi Aba'a Ganbo / حماقي - نفسي أبقى جنبه


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