Monday, February 3, 2014

Will Rock Band Cairokee Give Us Anything Bold With "El Sekka Shemal"?

Indie music has a good run in between January 2011, and July they have gone into hiding. You can thank intimidation and fear of the unknown. Seven months after the army coup--disguised as a revolution Cairokee is trying to revive the rock scene. They have a new song out...and they are building the buzz.

Will this song be about anything relevant? or will it be vague? Will they write the songs they want to write or the ones they are allowed to write? I like the promo for the El Sekka Shemal....but clues what will say, but it seems about the one direction one is allowed to take in these road signs. We have about five days to see the work, and hope it will be something wroth the wait.

Keep on mind last activist song from the band came in the days leading to the coup--a critical track of the democratically elected president. N one is asking the band to be suicidal....but for the past two and half years, they only sang about things that are hard to argue against. This might be the time to take a stand. Hamza Namira did it, three weeks ago, and he was celebrated for it.

.. Cairokee - El Sekka Shemal - Coming Soon كايروكي - السكة شمال قريباً.


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