Thursday, February 6, 2014

Sexy...Hamaki - Nefsy Aba'a Ganbo (Teaser حماقي - نفسي أبقى جنبه (إعلان

Egyptian pop stars make music videos like American rappers used to just few years ago. No storyboard, just plenty of sexy models dancing around near a pool...and the singer looking dapper in this female buffet. They were able to do this in the city of Abu Dhabi. The awesome thing, Nogoom records fronted the money for this production....they are not a powerhouse, but there are an all Egyptian music label that has yet to beat its well-funded rivals.

This is the teaser for Mohamed Hamaki latest music video--as for the song it's the work of Ayman Bahgat Amar, the music is that for Amr Mostafa, production is for Tooma, so you know this is the A team. Hamaki is a clever artist who seems like a nice guy. I do not like his politics, but I used to think the world of his music.

I think this is a fresh music video that takes us back to the pre Jan 25th 2011 revolution....does that mean the music industry is back? Keep on mind this music video has been filmed outside Egypt. The UAE where this clip has been shot with the help of a truly international team who wanted to give Hamaki a cool makeover--their attention to details is clear. The music video will release on valentine day 2014, which makes ten years anniversary for the Egyptian artists since he started singing professionally.

Hamaki - Nefsy Aba'a Ganbo (Teaser حماقي - نفسي أبقى جنبه (إعلان


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