Monday, February 17, 2014

Hany Adel New Single About The Alphabet And Love

More often than not, indie music does not pay the bills, but going mainstream helps. Transitioning from the music industry into the movie biz helps boost one's paycheck. First there was Wust Al Balad band where Hany Adel was a band member and a driving force. Then he went solo, then Hany starred in indie films, and now he is making the big step into commercial flicks that come with a hefty paycheck.

Hany has featured a song in that movie....with the help of few kids. Luckily he wrote the music for his latest track about the alphabet and life....a lonely letter is like the person whose charterer Hany is playing....bring your letter next to mine, we become a word, a sentence that makes sense. It's an indie feeling music video like these Sundance films tend to utilize.

هاني عادل - حرف وحيد / Hany Adel - Harf Wa7eed el Moseeqa TV


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