Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Listen: Gotta Be Fresh Hakim - La Ereft Teheb - Remix / حكيم - لا عرفت تحب ريمكس

Hakeem has his fans out there, for a long time he was the kid who made an entire nation dance at the same time. He was the guy whose music you play if you want a riot, he gave you that...not only did he sing well, but he hustled at his songs, you feel he is all over the place...Even if he would talk, people would buy it, he is the guy who gets the love of the cabbie drivers and the intellect...he was never too low for art.

He kept the funk going, and has never sang slag and street language that can be offensive to many, but rather he sang Egyptian as it should be....he is back with a new single for 2014, and it's awesome. Like this voice, we really miss artists like him at this moment.

Egyptians can use some good news, their all-time favorite funky son has retruned and he has a word of love..


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