Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Egyptain Idol RETURNS! Kol Wahed Fina - Ahmed Gamal (Video)

for a runner up on Arab Idol, Ahmed Gamal, did little after walking out on that show, while the others toured the States in a sold out tour that took them to more than 20 venues in Canada and in the States. Ahmed Gamal did little.

And noe he is about to change that with the release of a new single, that brings the best in him. This guy is a musician before he was a singer and before he was n idol. He is getting the help of some mkodel in short shorts that will sell the music video in Egypt. Ahmed has a trillion dollar smile and a grin. He enjoys a full set of hair and a limitless charm.

He is certainly the romantic package, I like Mr. Gamal and I know his fans and appreciators have missed him. This is almost a year ago when he took part of the Arab Idol and made name for himself. Now he is that all-Egyptian guy who is about to fall in love on camera.

His new song is pretty awesome and he is blessed with that choice. Lyrics are those of Mohamed Refai, a follow Egyptian who appreciates Ahmed for who he is. Enjoy this mellow and wonderful love song.

Kol Wahed Fina - Ahmed Gamal كل واحد فينا - احمد جمال


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