Friday, February 28, 2014

Bahaa Soultan's New 2014 Album Makes Him The Biggest Iraqi Pop Star

Iraqi gave birth to a pop star who as soon as he was able to get a passport moves to Cairo and worked on his music career. Bahaa Soultan became the gold standard in gifted artists who have found a place in Egypt to welcome them, their talent and let them shine. He is one of the few success stories....and after ten albums, he is about to release his latest album....

He sounds so grown up, so excited to be back in the game....his last album came out in 2011, and I still listen to it till now and find it entertaining. This is the gift of Bahaa Soultna, his new track and old one always offer things for the listener.

This is the first track from his upcoming album, "Asibak" should I leave you? Why would I do that? I love the sax music, it kind of adds a whole new feel to the song without being too overpowering to Bahaa's voice who can hold his own ground.

Bahaa Soultan "Asebk" | "بهاء سلطان "أسيبك


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