Thursday, February 20, 2014

Kathem Al Saher New Single Feels Flat اغنية كاظم الساهر - استفزيني 2014

Singles seem to be the way to go in 2014, at least for Iraqi musician Kathem Al Saher, this makes his third single in 2014, and it's beginning to feel something in the air. The latest is a poem from him, and it sounds like him, he feels it and make it real with his voice and emotions, I am not partial to this song, it feels good yet redundant.

This time he is telling him to increase the dose of pain, she is the only female that counts. The music sounds tired and Kathem seems to be uninspired here. Provoke me is the title of the new single, and it actually worked on me, it made me wanted to listen to it.

The thing is that this song has been recorded by the artist to flatter some wealthy poet who got to him, none of the names who have worked on this song ring any bell, yet Kathem released their song with his voice. The peot who wrote is Saudi Abdel Lattif Al Sheikh

اغنية كاظم الساهر - استفزيني 2014 | النسخة الاصلية


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