Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Lebanese Brazilian Half Breed Carolina de Oliveira TV Personality

Yes, there are thousands like here who share Lebanese (Syrian) heritage with Brazilian citizenship,  but she has the coolest and most exotic name for a Lebanese media personality. She also holds a degree in English literature. Carolina de Oliveira shot to fame on the MBC network where she worked for years on various shows and programs, now she left that gig to act. She has also appeared on celebrity duets about two years ago, where she had an exchange who a judge who was picking on her--she put him in his place.

She is back in the spotlight and she dishes about a love story she is living. She is currently starring on a Lebanese drama that will air on LBC. She has appeared on an Egyptian film years ago, but this is the first time she takes the lead. She seems to maybe want to come back to TV and hosting a number of shows.  She is a well-decorated entertainer with half a dozen awards.



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