Monday, February 3, 2014

She Is All Confused! ساندي - متلخبطة - Sandy Metlakhbata

Pop star from Egypt and the teens favorite star Sandy has a movie out....and it feels like you are watching an American story set in a high school you have come to see in Hollywood comedies. ....not one in Egypt. Sandy went back to the makeup room, and made herself less pretty...fatter, and clumsier. I do not find myself racing to see this film. Even though Sandy had released a number of songs that I've enjoyed.

This is a girlish film....made for profit. Sandy models her career after more Westerner stars...she is a clever one and knows how to get the press involved. She also dressed in a way that makes you feel you are in Tokyo, Japan, not Cairo Egypt.

The movie is meant for kids and young adults, this is what this demographic flocked to the theaters to see this film.

ساندي - متلخبطة - Sandy Metlakhbata


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