Thursday, February 13, 2014

WATCH: Nancy Ajram - N#8 - Official teaser Ma Tegy Hena نانسي عجرم - ما تيجي هنا #Throwback

About 12 years ago, Nancy Ajram became a sensational pop star, she released a cute music video (Akhasmak Ah) that propelled her to an A list songstress in a matter of days. It was an instant hit and became a catch phrase among men, women and children loved to dance to it.

In 2014, it feels like Nancy Ajram is trying to recreate that nostalgic feeling to her earlier songs. This would be her 8th album. There is not other pop star that had the kind of success she had in very short years. She is an inescapable star whose fame and popularity can never slow down. Filmed her new music video in Lebanon with the colorful Joe Bou Eid. Nancy Ajram will star alongside Mr. Lebanon 2013 Ayman Musa.

She is teasing folks with a new track Tegy Hena, while we do not hear anything from Nancy, we see the look and the killer red lipsticks. She has arguably the best talent manger in the business who only makes very calculated steps and Nancy Ajram seems to trust him and so far he does not seem to have ever let her down. This time she stars as a watermelon vendor who gets harassed by people. Why not? Try the new teaser, and remember that hit form more than a decade ago.

Nancy Ajram - N#8 - Official teaser Ma Tegy Hena نانسي عجرم - ما تيجي هنا

Nancy Ajram - Akhasmak Ah


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